Call of Saregnar - A nod to the era of party-based RPGs from the 90's such as Betrayal at Krondor gets a demo!

Most of us here love a good dungeon crawler, from Eye of the Beholder to Legend of Grimrock and even the more recent Might and Magic. But when it comes to Call of Saregnar; a new RPG by Rhuantavan that is still in development with a demo now available, things are rather different. You see Call of Saregnar isn't just a nod to classic RPG's of the 90's but from the look of the game you'd be mistaken in thinking it was it was a love letter to another one of my all time favorites Betrayal at Krondor; a game in which GOG says is one of the most classic RPGs, chosen as the RPG of the year in 1994

While I haven't had the chance to play this fine looking game as I'm recovering from the Flu. From what the website says, Call of Saregnar is a nod to the era of party-based RPGs from the 90's. Follow an intriguing story with interesting characters in a unique low-fantasy medieval setting. Enjoy a lush handcrafted 3D world that just begs to be explored. So yes certainly a rather interesting RPG and more so with feedback from those that have played the demo such as "Without a doubt, an amazing game. Not only does it have the same style and look as the classic 90's CRPGs, it also has the atmosphere and score from them ".

Links :1) Source ( Demo available, full version TBA ) - PC/MAC/LINUX

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