The Man with the Golden Joystick - A Jet Set Willy inspiration comes to the ZX Spectrum via Sloanysoft

Many years ago in 1984, Matthew Smith with publishing rights by Software Projects released the all time classic game ' Jet Set Willy ' for the ZX Spectrum. It was a game that star'd none other than Miner Willy who was tasked by the housekeeper Maria with the cleaning up of items left around the house after a big party. Well if you remember that classic game, and fancy playing a Jet Set Willy/Manic Miner inspiration it might be worth your time checking out 'The Man with the Golden Joystick'; a brand new ZX Spectrum title from Sloanysoft that's available to download below.

Video Link for Mobile Users

In The Man with the Golden Joystick you must traverse many different rooms collecting objects while trying to avoid being killed by the enemies spread throughout the game. While I haven't had the chance to play the game myself, if you love ZX Spectrum titles that are like Jet Set Willy mashed up with other classic games released in the 80's, then this might just be the game for you!

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