Mision La Luna (Moom Mission) - A Flash Gun inspired game released for the Commodore Amiga by Irongate

Some interesting news for you all, especially if you're looking for something completely different for your Commodore Amiga, as Saberman was kind enough to inform us, that as of today you can play Iron Gate's latest action shooter of Mision La Luna (Moom Mission). A game that isn't just a nod to Arcade Flash Gun based games such as Terminator 2 Judgement Day or Operation Wolf, but it features multiple levels to blast your way through all developed using AMOS... Yay no Backbone!

Moon Mission is a Flash Gun inspired game that features not just 150 enemies that will attack you in a fight for control of the resources on the moon, but the game was made in AMOS with love for all the friends of the "Amiga", has 4 Levels with unique music and a Boss, gives you statistics of your performance and the 10 best after you play, has mouse control for both aiming and shooting, ammunition and energy that can be shot to help you along the way, and more you'll just have to download to experience for yourselves.


  • Game & Level Design : Jojo073.
  • Game Programming: Luis Fernandez. (LuisCoCo).
  • Graphics: Jojo073.
  • Music : Narcisound
  • SoundFX: Jojo073.

Links :1) Website


  1. Quite stereotypic, but author on the site mentions he will continue development and will add some more features, like additional weapons. This could help really. Graphics by jojo are high standard as usual.

  2. nasa employee: oh hey u guys are back early
    astronaut: moon's haunted
    nasa employee: what?
    astronaut: *loading a pistol and getting back on the rocket-ship* moon's haunted

  3. Jojo's a fine pixel artist. So glad hes finally paired with a proper coder.

  4. This game is too easy. It seems a point & click over enemies rather than a flash gun game. First of all: it has no support for the light gun, since Amos doesn't have it, but just for mouse. Added to this it gives you too much time to just easily point enemies. Also, you don't loose a life by just receiving a shot, as it happens un many gun games, specially those with mouse support, but you need many. And you don't even have to reload your bullets. All this makes the game to seem like made for children. Finally, the music of the 3rd level seems made by a random music generator, its melody is completely untuned, it seems like playing randomly the keys of a piano.

    This is a pity, because its graphics are awesome, and its coding job seems so professional, something unusual in Jojo's games, since usually he doesn't program them, he just uses game makers, making his games slow and with an awful, clumsy playability. He could have made the exception here, but he didn't want to. He chose the quick and easy path, as usual. I wonder what he intended to demonstrate by doing that.


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