Perilous Night - A Sierra inspired adventure game that's worth checking out (Win/Mac)

Ladies and Gentlemen the late 80's and early 90's adventure graphical style is calling out to us once again. As a game has just appeared in our news feeds that looks very much like the classic Kings Quest and Quest for Glory games right out of the DOS era. Welcome to ' Perilous Night ' by Deivore, a game built in the classic Sierra adventure game style, in which you play as the Batu Prince in a plot to steal a magnificent gem.

Perilous Night as the spiritual successor to Perilous Wilde which is also available to download below. Follows the master thief Batu Prince, who plots to steal a magnificent gem right from under the nose of the chief of police. As the obsessive planner Batu, you will prepare as much as you can during the day and play out different versions of the night as thought experiments, without losing any of your preparation when something goes wrong! 

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  1. stylish 16 colors gfx.

  2. Looks like EGA palette or am I seeing things that aren't there?


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