QUOD INIT EXIT IIo - The sequel to a colourful C64 game looks better than ever in this new preview via Retream

In 2015 we gave a special mention to Retream's Arcade homebrew of ' QUOD INIT EXIT ', a C64 game that had a cute little pig, lots of fast moving fruit and was so colourful you would've been silly not to load it up on a C64. Thankfully it looks as if the team want to continue the piggy greatness, as we have just been told through twitter, that not only is the creator still working on the sequel of QUOD INIT EXIT IIo, but as of right now you can play the latest preview, a preview which looks bloody good too!

When we featured QUOD INIT EXIT IIm which is the minimal-sized (16 kB) sequel to QUOD INIT EXIT, we said that the game was overall a fun, quirky, beautiful and difficult, but extremely addictive brand new game for your C64. Well if you loved QUOD INIT EXIT and it's smaller sized sequel, you'll be pleased to know that this version of the game as llo is not just a much bigger game. But will contain colorful high resolution background and sprites, full screen, free-positional sub-pixel 50 fps scrolling, a smoothly animated main character, cool background animations huge maps (2048 pixel wide and from 848 up to 928 pixels tall), and a hilarious introduction and ending in the form of short stories!

Preview 5 (11.10.2022)

  • * Made the game over trigger as soon as the belly meter becomes zero (before there was a grace period of about 5 seconds, but the fact that the game continued while the belly meter was zero looked plainly wrong).
  • * Changed the main color of Zampo's dark skin.
  • * Added 4 more baddies.
  • * Added a zone-complete transition.
  • * Made the portals sides graphics unique to each zone.
  • * Made many speed and memory optimizations.
  • * Touched up some music instruments.
  • * Started adding the logic to restrict the zones selectable in the frontend to those already reached.
  • * Fixed an off-by-one bug in the cartridge driver that caused an additional page to be copied from ROM to RAM when the section size was an exact multiple of 256.
  • * Fixed an off-by-one bug in the sprites multiplexer, which caused multiplexing to be done one line too early, thus corrupting the bottom line of sprites in some cases.
  • * Fixed/optimized the collision detection of Zampo against food/drinks (a change made just before releasing the previous preview could cause the collisions to be missed when the objects were flickering before disappearing).
  • * Fixed the collision detection when Zampo is incorporeal (Zampo could collide against food/drinks/baddies as a consequence of the system for handling Zampo's skin introduced by the previous preview).
  • * Fixed the permanent flashing of Zampo when he caught a spinach can while he was already in STEEL mode and the mode was about to expire.
  • * Fixed the portals graphics update and a CPU load peak in the FUN PARK zone (a routine was missing a closing jmp, so the portals graphics update was triggered also when it should have not been).
  • * Fixed the abort function (it did not work properly when Zampo was not in normal mode and did not zero the belly meter).
  • * Wrote the FUN PARK and FORTRESS zones music.
  • * Worked on the FUN PARK zone map: expanded it; improved/extended the graphics.
  • * Worked on the CLIFFS zone map: made it 80 pixels taller (now it is 2048x928 pixels); extended a lot the underground part; added a portal connected to a new location; added a puzzle related to the new portal (the portal is broken and Zampo must repair it after finding the missing piece); changed the design in some places; improved the graphics.
  • * Worked on the FORTRESS zone map: made it 32 pixels taller (now it is 2048x880 pixels); extended the underground part; touched it up in a few places.
  • * Worked on the frontend: changed logo design slightly; improved vertical spacing of elements.
  • * Worked on the documentation: extended/improved the manual; changed slightly the color scheme of quickstart guide and manual.
  • * Worked on the intro: fixed a couple of things in the text.
  • * Worked on the zone introduction screen: fixed the initial colors of the letters (they were all black).
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  1. Maybe the best looking high resolution game I've seen for C64. Absolutely a marvel to behold

  2. Take that, Amstrad, Spectrum, MSX, Atari, BBC, NES, SMS

  3. @Indie Retro News
    Thanks for the news item!

    Thank for the compliments!

    My own video, which shows a bit more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AOdcirGiK4


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