Grandad and The Quest for The Holey Vest - Help Grandad in this new Atari ST to PC Remake!

It's been some time since we've actually featured a PC remake of an old retro game, so to change all that, here's a rather special heads up for you all, it's Grandad and The Quest for The Holey Vest! Yes indeed thanks to a heads up from our good friend 'Arjon Van Dam', we've been told if you head on over to the link below, you can download Brocantygame's PC remake of an old Atari ST game that was originally released way back in 1992.

Here is what the website says about the game which was written in Adventure Game Studio. "Grandad, who is rather old, has a habit of placing things in strange places and then forget where he has put them. One morning he wakes up and discovers that there is a bit of a nip in the air. He decides that he'll need to put on his string vest but he can't remember where it is. You have to help grandad find it. Guide grandad around his house, gather items, talk to people, solve puzzles and unlock doors". 

Some notes about this remake:

  • Point 'n Click mouse system instead of the original game's keyboard-only system
  • Graphical inventory items instead of the original game's text-only list
  • There are still 3 game-over situations (same as the original Atari ST game)
  • No more dead-ends (the original Atari ST game had a few)
  • No time limit anymore because grandads wheelchair's battery now can't run empty anymore (in the original Atari ST game the player had to find and use a spare battery before the wheelchair's battery ran empty, otherwise it was game-over)
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  1. Small note: besides PC (Win) this remake is also available for Linux.
    Greetz, Arjon van Dam

    1. It's tagged as Windows and Linux already dude :D

    2. My bad, overlooked these tags :)


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