PC DOS game Death Rally as an Amiga port by BSzili!

BSzili has been mentioned a number of times on Indie Retro News, as not only did he release the Amiga port of Blake Stone Aliens of Gold, but he also made available Exhumed / Powerslave, Wolfenstein 3D, BLOOD and even my personal favourite Shadow Warrior. Well here are with another BSzili update, as he has now made available for testing, the PC to Amiga port of Death Rally; a top down racing game originally developed by Remedy. A game in which you have to race for the finish line, leaving a trail of burnt rubber and spent brass behind you.

This is what BSzili said about this newest of ports for the Commodore Amiga. " Most people probably know Remedy for Max Payne, Alan Wake or Control, but before those games they made a nice top-down 3D racer called Death Rally. There is mixed information regarding the minimum requirements depending on the release, ranging from a 486 + 8MB RAM to a Pentium 90 + 16 MB RAM. Either way, this puts the requirements for the port somewhere between a 68040 and a 68060. Yes, with an FPU, the game makes extensive use of it. The Amiga port is based on dRally, which was reverse-engineered from the original DOS executable. Once finished I'll publish the changes in my fork, but it's in a good enough state for some public testing". 


  • - 68040 or 68060 with an FPU
  • - Kickstart 3.0
  • - AGA chipset or RTG
  • - 8 MB Fast RAM
  • - 45 MB disk space
  • - AHI 4.18+ (this will probably become optional eventually)

The limitations:

  • - no music
  • - no multiplayer
  • - fixed gamepad layout
Copy the *.BPA and *.HAF files next to the game executable. The save games (*.SG?) from the original game are also compatible, you can continue where you left off.
The game is freeware, you can get it from abandonware sites or Steam:

Gamepad mapping:
- D-pad - movement
- Red - fire / Enter / yes
- Blue - turbo / Escape / no
- Yellow - mine

Amiga executables:

Glow Icons for the game:

Links :1) Discussion/Download  - Thanks Per Ola Eriksson for the heads up!


  1. Death Rally is known from it's soundtrack, so waiting for that improvement :)

  2. That's cool. Hopefully music support is added later.

  3. the great classic game !

  4. Death Rally is a great game, and I hope that all the owners of 68040/60 will get the blast out of it (all three of them).

  5. Awesome! I already tested it!, looking for the music support!

  6. Not free on steam... 9,99 Euros

    1. Search for Death Rally (Classic) on Steam.

  7. I just tried it on my emulated amiga (Raspberry Pi 3B, using Amibian). It works perfectly (after I downloaded and installed AHI in my workbench 3.1). By the way, I do have in-game music and I can play with keyboard (configuring my own controls via the in-game menu). I downloaded the game from gamesnostalgia.com and then just followed the instructions as mentioned on this webpage.


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