Super Xevious 1200 - JOTD's Arcade to Commodore Amiga 1200 conversion is finally here!

Earlier this week we featured JOTD's in development Arcade to Amiga conversion of Xevious : A game that was originally released in the Arcades by Namco and then ported to other home computers. Well if you haven't played the game, as you were waiting for the final version to appear, then you are in luck! As JOTD has finally announced that both Xevious and Super Xevious have been released for the Commodore Amiga. As in the words of JOTD "published "final" version on itch. For the floppy release, Damien did a menu to start various configurations, including Super Xevious. Now matches 60Hz speed"

From our previous article this is what the Wikipedia page says about Super Xevious. "Super Xevious includes multiple additions and changes to the original game. The gameplay overall is harder, with more aggressive enemies and faster-moving projectiles. New enemy types include fighter jets, tanks, helicopters, and silver-plated Galaxian flagships, which are found in specific areas of the game. Some of these enemies reset the player's score to zero upon destruction; however, bonus points are awarded for flying over the tank. The placement of the Sol Citadels and Special Flags have also been changed".

INFO : Despite some hard optimizations, some serious slowdowns remain on vanilla A1200/nofast in some places in higher levels. Fastmem is recommended for hardcore gamers who could reach those areas without cheating! 


  • - Mark McDougall (aka tcdev): reverse-engineering, core and Neo Geo code and assets
  • - Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): Amiga code and assets
  • - Andrzej Dobrowolski (aka no9): Amiga music
  • - Namco: original game :)

Links :1) Discussion 2) Website


  1. Great another quality Amiga port! Would be nice if there was some 'Amiga exclusive' stuff. Choice in some nice soundtracks maybe? A good remix of the existing for example.

    1. A new soundtrack during gameplay would be awesome for sure

    2. Something like this would've been awesome!

    3. And it's not like there no music and talent out there:

  2. Yes the music could use a remix or alternative. Hopefully can swap it out with another?

  3. "In theory the core can be ported easily to any 68K target that can support the resolution, number of sprites (performance) and palette."

    Amiga and Neo Geo ports already (mostly) done - this is the way that all arcade -> 68k ports should be done in an ideal world. Very cool!


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