Undrium - A fast paced, action packed, retro styled 2D platformer that's worth checking out!

If you're looking for a new indie game for your PC(Windows/Mac/Linux) with great retro vibes, then we might have found just the game for you! As if you head on over to BitGlint page below, you'll be able to play their latest game of 'Undrium'; a super cool looking game in which the creator says is "A fast paced, action packed, retro styled 2D platformer". To coincide with this news, make sure to check out the new gameplay trailer below, it might just make you want to play the game right now!

Here is what the website says about Undrium, which was created by the same creator(s) behind Klass of 99: A modern take on a classic ZX Spectrum game and Melkhior's Mansion: A retro style tribute to the great 8-bit isometric games of the 1980's, set in a beautiful pixel art castle. "Explore castles and caves in your quest to defeat the guardians of the under world and make your escape. A fast paced, action packed, retro styled 2D platformer. Straight out of the 80s in glorious 32 colours. Play the practice map to learn how to play, then take on four more exciting maps".

Links :1) Website 


  1. They may have played Rogue Legacy before...

  2. I love it. A pity it's not for A1200...

  3. LOVED Underwurlde on C64 tho when you go bumpin' it could drive you mad.

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