Grind - This upcoming Amiga 500 DOOM like experience looks amazing! ( Exclusive Screenshots)

The Amiga news still isn't done with us yet, as after already featuring a number of games for you to enjoy. Here comes another Doom like announcement to keep you occupied throughout the rest of the week! If you remember our previous article regarding the work in progress project of 'Grind'; A game that John Tsakiris is aiming to bring a Doom-like experience to the Amiga as the holy-grail of Amiga gaming. Then as of today we have some brand new info, and some lush new graphics to go with the upcoming Doom like Amiga game of 'Grind'.

First look Face Animation!

As ever, John Tsakiris it's over to you! "I've just completed the designs of the brand new HUD and protagonist, which are gonna replace the old Free-Doom placeholders. With this work done we're now one step closer into how the final game will actually look like (which also completes an important milestone)". 

"Around a week ago I placed 3 similar designs under a public vote to help me lock on the details of the final (EAB, Grind's Discord server and the game's Patreon) and this one here seems to be the people's choice so far (with more than 73% of the vote). This was planned to be a rather small and short lived poll, so I'll be closing the vote soon (either tomorrow, Friday or Saturday) and announce the winner, which is the one that will ultimately be used in- game".

"We've talked previously about how Grind's style and worldbuilding is planned to draw heavy inspirations from Steampunk and Lovecraftian themes, so these are the main pillars the design of the new HUD was based upon. Being a big fan of Chaos Engine myself, it's needless to say that a lot of inspiration was drawn from the amazing interfaces featured there. The same can also be said for the more recent Aquabyss (another Steampunk themed, Amiga game) which I happened to work on and help with as a gfx artist, a while back.".

These faces/expressions is what I'm currently working on (this last week) and are to be part of the protagonist's animation set.

"Besides the style and in regards to the interface itself, this new design features (from left to right) a new set of keys (3 crystals), Armor, Life and Ammo counters and an interface to the right that shows which weapon is selected and the ammo you have per weapon.".

"Along with the new HUD, the game now also features a brand new protagonist (in the form of the classic animated head appearing at the center of the interface). Battle hardened, blood-thirsty brute, past his prime but with reserves of skill, will and guts. Soon to bring chaos and destruction towards his enemies and the hideous monsters that dwell into the dark corners of this unwelcoming and bleak world!"

And that's all we have on this upcoming game for the Amiga 500, so while we are really grateful to John Tsakiris for sharing the latest game developments and those awesome screenshots, we still can't wait to play 'Grind' when it's released at some point in the near future!

-Grind's Pixelglass page:
-Grind's Patreon:
-Grind's Discord:


  1. Is "Grind" that "Dread" game from a few years back or are these two seperate projects?

    1. Here's the blurb from another article I did ""However plans rarely go smoothly. Real-life events caught up with KK, which meant we had to take drastic measures in regards to the future of the project. As such here's KK's original message as posted at our Discord server a couple months back, this should help clarify where we're at at the moment:"

      DREAD Patreon is ending... and long live GRIND!

      "Due to certain obligations I have now, from now I must work on Dread alone ("solo") and it must be a strictly non-commercial (not monetized) project. Hence, I'm putting this Patreon page on hold (you will not be charged again) and I'm forced to thank John Tsakiris ("Tsak") for his help.

      "But John is not going to give up quickly on this vision. Instead, welcome project Grind!"

      "From now on, I'm passing all Dread code and stuff to John, who will be working further towards our initial vision, but under a different name - Grind. And since you will never be charged again for Dread Patreon, please really consider moving to the John's Patreon of Grind - he really needs your support now!"

      "And while you support Grind, I will work solo on Dread engine and game as much as my new obligations allow me. Wish us luck! 🙂""

    2. Sounds ominous, wonder whats happened 🤔

    3. Dread's coder got a new job which had a non competition clause, forcing the project to proceed only if it was done solo (no team, no external assets, help from other artists e.t.c.) and non monetized. So the split into 2 separate projects happened in order for the work you see above (which is what the Dread team was working on and planning for a standalone, complete game) to have a chance to be completed.

  2. Looks great, can't wait to see it move.

  3. Superb. I can't wait for the final version.

  4. I know there's not enough memory to animate the enemies from every angle, but It be cool if, for example, the simplest soldier could be seen standing still and attacked from behind if players find themselves between the enemy's five and seven.
    And if you leave the zone, the enemy detects you and there's a two frames turning animation as he faces the player.

  5. I want this game on my PS4.

  6. This looks absolutely delicious! Man, I hope this project will be finished. Would absolutely love to play it!

  7. Simply stunning!! Dread engine was great and really smooth on Amiga 500 but this Grind seems much more refined! I can't wait too play It and i'm wondering about this engine applied to games like "Legend of Valour" or ,why not,maybe a sequel to"Ambermoon"!!

  8. +1 never ending Pixelglass project?

  9. Judging by the fact that this is running on an Amiga 500, Imagine what these wizards can do with an AGA chipset, 2MB RAM and Akiko chip on a CD32!

  10. fantastic, what memories of old super playable FPS ... I hope it comes out in physical version ... W Amiga

  11. can’t wait to play it on my 1200!

  12. Incredible! I'll have to dig out / reassemble my A600 just to test this.


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