Absolute Zero - Puzzle Platformer for the Amiga comes 1st at POSADAS 2023 HOMEBREW GAMES COMPETITION!

The games just keep on coming and more so Amiga ones, as we've recently been contacted about a rather challenging game called Absolute Zero that has been released for the Commodore Amiga by GUS Entertainment. Developed in RedPill and coming 1st at the POSADAS 2023 HOMEBREW GAMES COMPETITION, you play as Corben, a courageous explorer, on a dangerous quest to save our frozen world! To coincide with this news, Saberman also did a video of the game being played below.

Here is what is described about the game "Go into an epic adventure in Absolute Zero, a mesmerizing puzzle platformer where you are Corben, a courageous explorer, on a dangerous quest to save our frozen world. As Corben, you must collect the batterys to activate the climate reactors, to unleash the elements and restore balance before it's too late".


  • Music & SFX: Fireb0y
  • Original graphics: Raul Duran aka MAL
  • Addition graphics: Sandman, Zener
  • Design: Zener

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  1. Nice Solomons key clone, looks entertaining

  2. Looks like minimum requirements are far beyond Amiga 500 with 512KB RAM ;)

  3. Fantastic, good to see some are still making proper Amiga games!

    1. "proper Amiga games"? As opposed to what? Improper Amiga games?

    2. It's a Redpill game...

    3. I meant properly coded, not kit or monochrome, games. If this is indeed a Red Pill game with high requirements I retract my comment above.

  4. Hay estamos los espaƱoles juego muy bueno

  5. It's a good game, a great Solomon's Key clone as pointed out above. The technical expertise of the makers is not (yet?) godlike, but it doesn't make the game any less enjoyable.


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