Pengo - Eagerly awaited Arcade to Amiga conversion by JOTD is finally here!

After just announcing the awesome game that is Rygar, along comes JOTD with the announcement that the Arcade game of Pengo has been released for the Commodore Amiga via itch io! Yes indeed this 1982 game by SEGA, which I had the pleasure of playing back in the day, has not only been released for the Amiga as an Arcade conversion, but it's fully playable with sound, has selectable music & difficulty levels, and so much more you'll just have to experience for yourselves. To coincide with this news, Saberman has done a short video of the game which you can download and play right now on a real Amiga or via Emulation.

Here is what JOTD said about the game "Pengo was never really ported properly except on a megadrive & maybe a C64. This time however, this is a 1:1 arcade port using of course the original Z80 code that I reverse-engineered & transcoded to 68000. I started this project in 2010 after Bagman SDL Windows remake, wanting to do Pengo on SDL/Windows, but got tired of it. I dug out the work that I had one with the reverse-engineered code and it was really good specially in the A.I. section (the only part that interested me at the time)."

  • - Jean-Francois Fabre (aka jotd): Z80 reverse engineering, Z80 to 68k transcode, Amiga code and assets
  • - Mark McDougall (aka tcdev): Neo Geo code and assets (conversion)
  • - no9: remade amiga tunes
  • - phx: ptplayer sound/music replay Amiga code
  • - K1200RS21: Amiga icon
  • - mrv2k: Amiga boxart
  • - blastar: NGFX SoundBuilder (Neo Geo sound tool)
  • - SEGA: original game :)
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  1. Just like the original arcade.
    This is great since I can no longer buy this in any collection or by itself.
    Ran it through Amiga Forever on LaunchBox BigBox and played it on my arcade tank stick. Good memories.

  2. Good work ! Just that the pengo moves way too fast compared to the arcade version.

  3. Good work ! Just that the pengo moves way too fast compared to the arcade version.

  4. love it alot but is it just me or does the mobs move quite faster then in the original

  5. I have great memories of playing this at Butlins in the early 80s. I seem to remember that before each game there was a short musical fanfare and then music played during the game as well. It was one of those short 'beepy' tunes that just repeated over and over again and its been stuck in my head ever since lol.

  6. Didn't know about the game and never played it back in the day. I must say it reminds of digger ... the music is obviously the same but the game play looks like ... I don't know. An anti-digger ?!... if you know what I mean. Very nice indeed !


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