ROBERTO EL GORRAS - Mario inspired Amstrad platformer via CPCRETRODEV2023

If you have an Amstrad CPC and looking for some Amstrad related news, then we are pleased to tell you, that if you head on over to the link below, you can check out Altanerus Dog latest Amstrad CPC game of 'ROBERTO EL GORRAS'; A Mario inspired Amstrad platformer which was released via the CPCRETRODEV2023 competition. In light of this news, we have some new footage of the game which as ever can be viewed further down the page.

Here's the latest from the creator. "Roberto "El Gorras" makes a living collecting belongings from old buildings that are going to be demolished, with the aim of giving them a second life. Roberto has been notified to examine an old winery in case you find something interesting there. Once in the place, Roberto begins to observe strange events, the insects are the size of dogs and certain objects seem to have come to life, in addition to the jewels scattered along the way. You will soon realize that the winery connects with Visigothic catacombs from the 7th century that have apparently recently been desecrated. The thieves released a curse and left all the loot after their flight. Now Roberto must undo the curse by collecting all the jewels and finally must decide what to do with the loot either keep it or report to the administration of its archaeological find".

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  1. I'm going to give it a try but it looks more inspired by janky micro platformers than Mario based on gameplay. Graphics yes but the gameplay looks pretty shocking. Still, worth a try I'm sure.

  2. Have to say I agree with the above comment. The jumping and collision detection look janky as hell! I will give it a try, but other than the main sprite this really isn’t a Mario-style platformer

  3. Nice! Reminds me of my own platform game endeavours from back in the days 😊 Something I really would liked to have known about back then was sub pixel calculations. For any developer looking to get more fluent motions there are pretty good information out there, like this analysis of SMB3 movement


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