Electroman - A PC game for the Commodore Amiga AGA gets a new WIP demo

If you're interested in the latest news for the in development Commodore Amiga AGA game of 'Electroman': a game port that was originally released by Messrs, Janusz Pelc and Maciej Miąsik for the MS-DOS platform back in 1997. Then we have just been informed by Saberman, that tukinem has released another demo build. A 5th level tease with the creator saying he is also working on a higher quality level 6, 7 and 8 for a future demo. To coincide with this news, Saberman has also provided a video of the work in progress level 5.

Introducing another demo to the early version of Electroman for the Commodore Amiga AGA, i.e. the foreign version of the Electrobody game, once created by Messrs. Janusz Pelc and Maciej Miąsik for the MS-DOS platform. The game update, as the creator announced just recently. now features a fully playable level 3, fixed control errors, a preview of the level map under M, fixed screen flashing, as well as coded handling of the game save... (F2 saves the last base position during the game, and F3 in the game menu reads the game save from the file).

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  1. To be honest, it won't win any beauty pageants. Still, e for effort I suppose.

  2. Apart from the sickly colour choice it seems pretty good. Makes me feel a bit queasy so I would have to give it a miss myself unless there's a colour rethink!

    1. Did the original DOS game this is a port of look like that? if so then i don't expect any changes.

    2. From what I've seen it looks very similar to the DOS original but the subtle differences mean the original doesn't seem to trigger that queasy feeling (maybe it would after looking at it a bit longer). Perhaps its just me.

  3. This is a 100% remake of the original DOS game :)


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