Hyperborea Resurrected - An eye candy bullet hell shooter gets another stock A1200 tease.

For some time now we've been keeping you up to date about Amiga Dream-Team's awesome looking shooter of 'Hyperborea Resurrected'. A game that doesn't just feature waves and waves of enemies, but more bullets and lasers than you can handle, as well as pretty decent graphics all running on a stock A1200 or above. Well if you're interested in the latest developments of this upcoming Amiga game, we've got a new video for you from the creator, as well as the latest changes contained within the (alpha?) version of the game. Although do be aware it contains placeholders and temporary music!

And here's what Amiga Dream-Team said about Hyperborea Resurrected . "What's new? Apart from some internal improvements and smaller addons / changes:

  • fat laser shot

This is your secondary weapon. It's stronger than the spread-shot, but - guess what - doesn't spread. Also, your ship moves at half speed when this is fired. Very good to dodge dense bullet curtains. A double-click toggles between the two weapon types. Don't worry: your gun will still continue firing when you shortly lift your thumb for this action.

  • sprite priorities

In 2p mode the player / player-shot sprites' priorities are alternating each frame now (well, technically it's the hw-sprites and some colors that are toggled). So in even frames all the stuff of player 1 is drawn on top of player 2 and in odd frames player 2 and its shots occlude player 1. This effectively results in both player-ships and -shots being visible all the time. Before this change player 1 and its shots always overpainted all the 2nd player's stuff.

  • a logo screen 
  • main menu (not fully functional as of yet)
  • oh, and I finally found a 2nd player so that I don't have to handle the handy and two joysticks all by myself 



And that's all we know so far, so keep checking the discussion thread here for further info.


  1. Well done! But what about an "old timer mode" for the lovers of the ancient shoot em ups likes me? More similar to Hybris and Battle Squadron in terms of pure action and maybe with the possibiliy to run even in OCS/ECS? It Will be Amazing!!

    1. How about just leave them do their thing the way they want?

  2. The Fire Power and shooting needs to be massively overhauled or re-animated..they look copy and pasted on! it doesn't really look like its coming out of the tips of the guns on the ships. I am not explaining it right here but they look awefully fake and just wrong... and too big...sure let us have a weapon at some point in the game with massive fire power...but these look bad and out of place with the palette in the game and the pixel style... they need to look more realistic?

    1. I was thinking along the same lines about the weapons/fire power not looking good (when the rest of the graphics looks great). I guess this will be refined before release, & hopefully not all weapons will be quite so extreme!

    2. @Tpod It's like Dodonpachi, not like R-Type, the weapons have to be extreme :)

    3. Well I was looking forward to it but if that's the case I'm sure some will enjoy (OTT for me personally).

  3. it's indeed a very good time for AGA shoot'em ups


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