ZX Spectrum

Archeomania - Brilliant Tetris Plus inspired ZX Spectrum remake

Abbaye Des Morts - Retro Platformer now available for ZX Spectrum!

Alter Ego - Platform Puzzler that's also available for the ZX Spectrum!

BALACHOR’S REVENGE - Retrotastic ZX Spectrum title set for release!

Battle Tank 3D - New ZX Spectrum homebrew shooter!

Castlevania Spectral Interlude - Massive High Quality ZX Spectrum game released!

Cray 5

Cousin Horace - High quality homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum

Diamond Digger - Brilliant new ZX Spectrum release! 

Dead Flesh Boy - Meat Boy demake for the ZX Spectrum! 

Doom - Classic First Person Shooter on the ZX Spectrum

Don Bluth's Dragon's Lair is finally available for the Sinclair ZX81!

Escape from Colony 8 - Action exploration for the ZX Spectrum

Escape from Cnossus - A roguelike game for the ZX Spectrum

Flype - Charming little Arcade Puzzler for the ZX Spectrum

Ice Slider Z - EgoTrip's ZX Spectrum arcade release

JAWS : The Text Adventure - A brutal text based adventure to satisfy your hunger

JAWS : The Text Adventure - A brutal text based adventure for the ZX Spectrum! 

Jet Set Willy - 2015 Bug Fixed Edition available for the ZX Spectrum 

Kyd Cadet 3 - A new Exolon inspired ZX Spectrum game

Kings Valley

Leovigildo - Multi-Game for ZX Spectrum

Little Dragon 2 - Arcade ZX Spectrum release with high difficulty!

Monty's Last Strike - A Christmas Job - Platforming inspired classic for ZX Spectrum 

Ninjajar! - Brand new game for the ZX Spectrum!

Page's Castle Quest - David Pagett's first ZX Spectrum title!

Page and the Curse of the Pharaoh - Top quality homebrew arcade release for the ZX Spectrum

Pentacorn Quest - Gorgeous ZX Spectrum release

Rescue Lander - Lunar Lander inspired release for the ZX Spectrum 

Rock Boshers DX - ZX Spectrum inspired shooter releases today!

Sector Invasion - High quality homebrew shoot em up for the ZX Spectrum

ShapeShifter - Shape shift the puzzles in this latest ZX Spectrum game

Sinkh's Lair - Gory horror in a ZX Spectrum style ( Recommended )

Sir Froggy - The latest ZX Spectrum adventure from Lubiterum Game Studio

Slightly Magic - The ZX Spectrum classic now available! (Desktops & Tablets)

Speccy Jam 2 has now finished - So many great retro games for free!

Stormfinch - Nirvana Engine based shoot em up for the ZX Spectrum

Super 48K Box - Action platformer demake appears on the ZX Spectrum

Target Renegade Mod - Enhanced beat em up for the ZX Spectrum

Teodoro can't fly - New Amstrad, MSX, ZX Spectrum platformer from Retroworks

Terrahawks - Videopac homebrew release for the ZX Spectrum

The Adventure of Amy: Episode Zero A Prelude to Chaos - Adventure prototype for the ZX Spectrum

The Hobbit 128K Edition - Classic ZX Spectrum adventure gets an overhaul!

The Legend of Traxtor - Match 3 fun for the ZX Spectrum

The Blossoming Years — High quality ZX Spectrum album by Hype Allstars

The Tales of Grupp - Another impressive homebrew ZX Spectrum title! 

The Charm / The Chard - Brilliant ZX Spectrum game available for free

Uroboros - A new take on Snake for the ZX Spectrum

Unkatris - Impressive Tetris clone for Sinclair 1K ZX81

Vade Retro -Retroworks platforming homebrew for the ZX Spectrum

Wanderers Chained in the Dark - High quality homebrew for the ZX Spectrum 

Why have just one Alter Ego when you can have two? (ZX Spectrum)

Willy The Wasp 48K - The latest Arcade game for the ZX Spectrum

Willy The Wasp 2 - The ZX Spectrum sequel

Z-Exemplar - Retro inspired ZX Spectrum R-Type blasts it's way towards Android and iOS

Zen - The latest homebrew puzzle game for Speccy!

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