Captain Drexx - Brand New 128K tape game from CRONOSOFT

Cronosoft a Uk based game publisher has just released a fantastic new 128k only ZX Spectrum game on tape format. Captain drexx is a tower defence game that really shows what the little black box of delights can still do!

There are also plenty of other great titles in the sites shop, but Captain Drexx is a highly polished bit of programming that you cannot help but enjoy, much like the many Android based games of it's ilk it runs very smoothly and is accompanied by some lovely 128k music.

Another example of what can be achieved on vintage machines, help support the site and the programmers by heading over now and paying £3.99 for an original and enjoyable game.


  1. Thanks for post about my game!

  2. INDIERETRONEWS24 July 2014 at 13:45

    You're welcome :)


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