Jack B. Nimble - Endless running fun for iOS

Sean Noonan has announced his latest game "Jack B. Nimble", an endless runner, is now available for iOS. First released for PC, Mac and Linux in that lovely game boy theme, you play as Jack as he runs and jumps across many platforms all the while whipping candles. If running to fast becomes a drain on your anxiety use the grass to slow down, but do watch out for trees as it could put you to a painful halt.

Jack B. Nimble was great fun to play when it appeared on Gamejolt, now iOS owners can experience the fun themselves while on the train, at work or just bored at home.


- A high speed side-scrolling endless runner
- Retro 8-bit / Game Boy visuals
- Single input control scheme - jump and whip!
- Thumping chip tune soundtrack by Barry "Epoch" Topping
- High score tables

Coming soon:

- Game Center high score tables
- Game Center achievements
- Screenshake!!!
- Unlockable colour palettes

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