Indie Legends Bundle - Bundle Stars best ever bundle!

Announced just moments ago, Bundle Stars has released what they class as their best ever bundle, the 'Indie Legends Bundle'. For only £3.19 you can play 8 legendary Steam games that have gathered over 20,000 Steam reviews giving a grand total of nearly 93% of positive votes. Games such as Monaco, SpeedRunners, SteamWorld Dig, Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition, Divekick, Kingdom Rush, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and The Fall!

What a grand line up of gaming for your Thursday night's entertainment and if you want my personal choice it just has to be Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams, which according to the developers combines the challenge of retro era platforming with graphics that pack a visual punch and tight controls! ( Still not as good as the Amiga version though ;) )


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