Dungeon Crawler

Aeon of Sands : The Trail - Dungeon Crawling RPG love letter to the 90's!

Amiga Dungeoneering Collection - Over 60 of the best Amiga Dungeon RPGS for your PC! (FREE)

Bloodwych - Classic Dungeon Crawler RPG gets a remake! 

Chris Taylor's Arakion + Kickstarter - group based town building RPG

Darkest Dungeon - Control your sanity in this dark dungeon crawler title

Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore - Jaw dropping Dungeon Crawler (Kickstarter)


Dungeon Eye - open source remake Eye of the Beholder II ( REMAKE )

Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back HD - Real Time RPG ( REMAKE )

Dungeon Kingdom : Sign of the Moon

Delver - What a visually nice upgrade for this roguelike dungeon crawler RPG!

Eye Of The Beholder 3 - Fan Patched Retro Dungeon Crawler

Heroes of a Broken Land - Classic inspired RPG, released today (Demo/Steam Greenlight)

I Can't Escape: Darkness - Escape the dungeon in this latest adventure horror 

Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar - RPG Dungeon Crawler, SuperDemo released!

Legend of Grimrock - Dungeon Master Fan's !

Legend of Grimrock 2 : Rpg Dungeon Crawler sequel

Malevolence : The Sword of Ahkranox - EOB Inspired RPG

Nights & Candles - Old school dungeon crawling in HD hand painted graphics (Steam Greenlight)

Paper Sorcerer - A unique single player turn based RPG (Steam Greenlight+Demo)

RavenHood 3 - High Quality dungeon Master Mo

Space Shock - Sci-fi RPG Dungeon Crawler

StarCrawlers - Ultima Underworld meets Sci-FI in this upcoming space Dungeon Crawler RPG

The Quest & Legacy - [ Elder scrolls 2 daggerfall style game / RPG ]

 The Hero Trap - Action packed dungeon crawler from SmashWorx (Kickstarter)

Tomes of Mephistopheles - RPG Dungeon Crawler

The Legend of Erthia - Indie Might and Magic Inspired RPG

VAPORUM - Steampunk dungeon crawler

QuestLord - Dungeon Crawler RPG (iOS, Android)


Legend of Grimrock - The CHAOS Key (MOD)

Legend of Grimrock - Master Quest (Overhaul Mod)

The Mine of Malan Vael - Grimrock Dungeon Crawler RPG (MOD)

Legend of Grimrock - Mods & Assets : Dungeon Crawler RPG Article

Toorum's Manor - A truly epic dungeon mod for Legend of Grimrock!