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Hello everyone, I am John P Martin, and this is my first article on Indie Retro News, I hope you will enjoy it!

Limit Theory is a space sand box game in which everything is procedurally generated.The game is by Josh Parnell, and it has just recently come to Kick starter on November 20th. He is hoping to raise $50,000 to make the game and so far the kick starter campaign has raised $32,302 in just 4 days.

The best way to describe limit theory would be to say that it is a game with very few limits put on the player. Everything you can see in the game is procedurally generated by the games custom built game engine. The universe is unlimited in size, and if you can see something which interests you, you can go there and interact with it. The game is all about interaction and the unique story which is unfolding as you explore and experience the vast procedurally generated universe within it.

The games engine has been written from scratch using C++ and OpenGL and is designed from the ground up. The developer is very enthusiastic about their game engine and as a result, they will be able to add any features they wish to it and they will not have to rely on an engine made by someone else which may limit their ambition and creativity for the game. Everything in the game may be procedurally generated, but there is Alot of variety on offer as to the things you can actually do in it, there would want to be, considering the game has no campaign or set objectives which may be disappointing to some people. But for people like myself who like to set out and create their own adventures, they will be spoiled for choice with the variety of things to do which are on offer. You can do things like pick up jobs from the other inhabitants of the universe, raid convoys , prospect and mine minerals in asteroid fields, do courier work and deliver shipments, escort npcs  or become a bounty hunter among other things.

The player will be able to buy or construct their own buildings on planets, as well construct their own space stations. That is not all the player can do in regard to construction though, they will  be able to set up construction chains to produce, guns, munitions or even their own new ships , it beats hauling around goods for others.

If the stuff I just mentioned is still not considered enough to do while you explore space, you will be able to build and acquire ships to form your own fleet, with how much you have in your bank account being your limit. You will be able to fight along side your fleet or command them from afar. Nothing has been said yet about if the other inhabitants will be humans, aliens or both ? We will let you know as more information becomes available about the game however. The game will have no multiplayer this time around unfortunately, however the developer has said that they will not rule out the possibility of a limit theory online in the future. here is what their websites frequently asked question section says about it.

"Multiplayer is not planned for the first release. We would love to pursue the option when the time is right, but our primary focus for now is on exploring game play concepts and building a fun, deep game. We feel that dealing with networking at this stage would distract from that focus. That being said, don't rule out the possibility of a Limit Theory Online in the future!"

If you are disappointed by the lack of multiplayer, don't despair because When you start a new universe, you will be able to generate a seed just like in mine craft and share it with your friend(s) so they can play in a Universe which will be the same as yours, so you will be able to share stories about your adventure's and see how your adventures differ from each other. There has been Alot of space games announced lately like Star Citizen by Christ Roberts and Elite and dangerous by David Barben , but Josh Parnell's Limit Theory will be a game definitely worth while to keep an eye on.

If you wish to learn more about the game this is the games kick starter page and this is the games website

 The game will release late in 2013 or early 2014.
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This article is by John P Martin.
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