Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Platformer playable in your browser

I never thought I'd see the day that retro gamers could play the very first Dizzy in a browser and sure enough here it is, it's Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure.

We have done a History lesson on this game before, but to get you up to date on this original title. Dizzy began his little life in 1987 with the hit game "The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure". It was a game that came with some damn fine game play and for my age creepy enemies! I remember the spiders dropping from the Tree's, the Bats and the creepy game screen layout.

At the time most of us where buying game tapes from local retail stores, you'd see all these tapes in nicely written covers from shelf to shelf priced usually between £1.99 and £2.50, not the £45 of today's prices. It also had a really neat soundtrack which fit the game so perfectly. Also note this is the coloured version. At age 7 I was rather unlucky in the fact I had a green screen monitor Amstrad CPC 464, so you lucky colored monitor guys got this version.

This game is a platform adventure where Dizzy must search the fairy tale land of Katmandu for a Leprechaun's Wig, a Cloud's Silver Lining, a Vampire Dux Feather, and a Troll Brew and deposit them in a cauldron to make a potion to defeat the evil wizard Zaks.

The gameplay involves collecting items and moving to other locations where the item is required; for example, at one point a raincoat is needed to protect against damaging rain. This is made more difficult because only one item can be carried at any given time. But be careful of the Bats, the Rats and other such deadly objects.


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