Buggerman : The Heist Xmas - Platformer Festive Fun! (REMAKE)

Anybody would think it was Christmas with all these festive games coming out. This time it's Buggerman : The Heist Xmas, based on the original Platform game released in 1982.

In 'Buggerman', you play as a thief out to steal everything that's related to Christmas from Santa's HQ. This is a high quality platform game and a complete update from the original arcade title Bagman.  Your mission to collect presents and deposit them in his wheelbarrow at the top of the screen. You must climb ladders to avoid the angry Elfs but they can be defeated by Grabbing pickaxes to temporarily stun your foes, or to break down the wall in the middle of the screen, fun for all the family this is Buggerman!

Gameplay description (from KLOV.COM ):
Santa's headquarters are two wide screens flips When cross the edge of the screen. You must grab all the presents and carry them up to the surface and place them into the wheel-barrow and you must know before the bonus points on the timer run out. Every time you pick up a present, it will slow you down to half speed (or slower) Allowing one of the angry elfs to easily catch up to you. If you are carrying a present while climbing a ladder and an elf is Pursuing you, you can drop the present on the elf's head to temporarily stun him. Another way to stop an elf from Pursuing you is by picking up and using a pick-ax to stun him. 
The pick-ax Also can be used to dig a big hole in a wall. Also you can escape from the elfs by getting into a minecart but the minecarts can kill you, if they run into you. Avoid moving minecarts by grabbing handles on mineshaft roof. Then let go of the handles When the cart is below you to ride the cart. To get out of the cart, you must press LEFT, RIGHT or UP at the appropriate time. Also you can use the elevators to escape the elfs and the elevator will help you reach Also the surface quicker, Especially if you are carrying a present. Most of the presents are red, but there is usually a purple one behind a wall That can only be penetrated by a pick-ax. Even so, the purple bonus present is twice as heavy as the standard but presents Also worth a greater amount of points, However it's not required for being atto complete a level

Use the ARROW keys to control Buggerman, and LEFT-CTRL to fire.
All keys can be redefined. Press ESC to exit from game to menu or back to operating system.


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