Zelda Fans Rejoice! - Great Zelda Custom Games ( Zelda Classic )

I was going to call this a remake news article but these are not strictly remakes but custom quests and maps based on the Zelda game. Some of these quests are huge, with many many hours of classic Retro Nes style Adventure,rpg Gameplay. So you the gamer will get your Zelda thrills. I believe the term for these types of games are JRPG's, that's Japanese RPG to those that don't know. However many gamers debate the fact that it's an RPG and actually reference to it as an adventure title.

But how are these Quests created? Well Zelda Classic quests are custom "games" built with the Zelda Classic Quest Editor. These quests use Zelda Classic as their engine, but the core is the original Legend of Zelda. Through the ages Zelda Classic has grown to have a massive fanbase with new quests all the time with new updates and features. At this point in time, Zelda Classic quests are so customizable, and have so many features, that it can be hard to tell that the core engine is the same as the Legend of Zelda.

When downloading quests, be sure that you have at least the version of Zelda Classic which is located here or here

As for the game play, The Legend of Zelda series is the best selling role playing, puzzle and action franchise for Nintendo systems. I myself remember playing Zelda on my own Gameboy original, after many of my friends wouldn't let me have a go of theirs. Though most JRPG's or Adventure titles of this type have turn based combat in a selectable battleground, in Zelda you attack enemies in real time in the game world, like a hack and slash.

The Legend Of Zelda games feature a mixture of action, puzzles, adventure/battle gameplay, exploration, and questing. Although the games can be beaten with a minimal amount of exploration and side quests, the player is rewarded for solving puzzles or exploring hidden areas with helpful items or increased abilities. One such puzzle involves moving large boulders about onto ground based switches before a door can open. You also have a selection of weaponry including a Bomb, Boomerangs which can kill or paralyze enemies, Magic Swords and Shields and Bows and Arrows. The good thing about the Bomb is it can also be used to blow apart objects to solve a puzzle for example.

The Game World itself usually has an above ground screen with lots of fauna, which can be cut out of the way. You also can talk to characters and go inside buildings but be careful of the enemies roaming the landscape. As for the main battle part of the game, this usually happens in the Dungeons, an area of labyrinthine layout, usually underground, comprising a wide range of difficult enemies, bosses, and items. In most Zelda games, the player's life meter is represented as a line of hearts. To be able to replenish the life meter this can be achieved in a number of ways. Including picking up hearts left by some defeated enemies, fairies or springs located in specific locations, or using an item such as a potion. Most of the Zelda titles feature "heart containers" or "a piece of heart" as the prize for defeating the final boss of a dungeon and also for completing certain side quests; these extend the life meter by one heart.

The series centers primarily on Link, a playable character and the protagonist. Link is often given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda, there are other characters in the game that will give you quests or just make idle conversation. However as these are custom quests, the main object of the game may be completely unrelated to Princess Zelda.

Now for the Custom Games!

1) Stranded 

Stranded is a large ZC 2.50 quest which uses the basic tileset available with ZC 2.50 as well as this version's new items, enemies and possibilities. I recommend using the RC4 release to play it (it hasn't been tested on earlier releases).

* A long journey consisting of a minimum of 20+ hours of gameplay
* 20+ dungeons in total (not saying how many exactly to keep some element of surprise)
* 3 different overworld areas
* 30+ midis
* 200+ text strings
* Custom enemies
* Challenging but not frustratingly hard difficulty
* A balanced mix of fighting and puzzle solving
* Many secrets to unravel

2) Carnage in space ( A futuristic style Zelda )

One day, I had this crazy idea to make a space-themed fighting game in ZC. So I made one. This game is radically different from most ZC games. Instead of running around, solving dungeons and saving the world, you get to run around, shooting and slashing hordes of enemies into oblivion. The game is divided into levels, which you can revisit from the main hub. All of the game's 16 items can be bought in a centralized shop, where you can find the best selection of equipment for your fighting style.
So what are you waiting for?! Download now and start blowing stuff up!

Main features:
9 unique levels of mayhem!
A scripted scoring system to encourage replayability (and practice your mad skills)!
4 categories of all-scripted weapons (12 total) to choose from!
A working, side-scrolling space level!
Ultra-powerful hidden bosses, guarding an additional 4 weapons to collect!
And... a jaw-droppingly awesome main character

3) Origin ( My personal Favourite )

This is a complete re-envisioning of Hyrule the way it was meant to be. Old places look new and unfamiliar, dungeons you have scoured many times in the past no longer bear the same treasures or the same design. Secrets that were once common knowledge have been lost and are hidden in new locations. The entire world has changed and you have to change with it if you want to survive. This is Legend of Zelda: Origin.

Developer Description:
Despite people commonly dismissing many remakes or revamps or in this case, re-envisioning of the original Zelda quests, this goes far beyond what you have ever seen for the 1st and 2nd quests. First off straight from the get-go you have a choice to either start the 1st or the 2nd quest in the same quest file. There is also an option for a 3rd xtreme quest after beating the second or straight from the get-go for those insane Gung-ho players. To top it off, you have selection of choice for which dungeons you want to play over the course of Xtreme 3rd. Three Quests in one, can you handle it?
Massive changes with everything built from scratch. Heart containers on the overworld are now divided into 15 HC Pieces, the remaining 5 scattered across mini-games which you must win to acquire them. New secret locations, new cave systems, new dungeon layouts that do not conform to the original in anything but shape, every single item in ZC is utilized and can be acquired, a new Dome of Trials has opened up in the world, the ability to save Zelda in a variety of ways and finally a special bonus challenge for those who manage to complete Xtreme 3rd. This is everything you've been wanting to see for the originals, but never saw previously in any quest thus far. This is Origin.

4) The Hero of Dreams 

-Travel through huge Forests, islands, caves, deserts, graveyards, mountains, towns, as well as Dreams.
-Come face to face to some of the old Hero's of Hyrule.
-Meet different cultures and races of Hyrule.
-Fight some original custom bosses like Wolfblin and King Dodongo.
-Play some great mini games like bow and arrow target practice and rafting.
-See some original puzzles never seen in ZC.
-Huge Dungeons with different themes.
-and More!

5) End of Time DX 

This quest is a graphical remake of my first quest, End of Time (on the ZC.com QDB). This quest features a full overworld, an underworld, nine main dungeons, a few side dungeons and caves, and a brand-new, very tricky bonus dungeon (if you can find it). I've also included quite a few new puzzles in dungeons throughout the quest. Grammar and the overall quality of this quest are about as perfect as possible, so please enjoy.

I am not responsible for quest-ruining bugs you encounter with a 2.5 beta. Use 2.10. 

6) Lost Isle

Over 2 years in the making, this ambitious duo quest by DarkFlameWolf and Peteo has finally been completed. Lost Isle takes you on a journey to a deserted island where the formal inhabitants have suffered a catastrophic event and all that remains is the dead and the decaying. A sinister story unfolds the further you explore the island and evil secrets are revealed as you get closer and closer to the true evil that is conspiring against you.

You will travel through ghost towns, graveyards, swamps, forests, volcanos, wastelands and canyons in your search for answers and a way off this haunted island. With one gigantic world to explore, five huge dungeons, an entire island-wide cave system, many misc. dungeons to explore, optional triforce pieces, hidden secrets and lurking ghosts; this adventure will test your very limits as an explorer. Only the true intrepid players will see the quest through and claim the much -deserved ending.

Now these are just some of the best Custom releases, there are a lot of them available some better than others. However when using a Custom Game from Zelda always make sure you read the instructions and know which Zelda Classic Version is required, some require older versions.

Download Zelda Classic HERE or HERE

As for the Custom Games they are located HERE and HERE

Have fun gamers!

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