Ultimate Amiga Online - Play lots of Amiga games online!

A brilliant idea from the guys of Ultimate Amiga, is the ability to play Amiga games online with other players. Now I remember when I was a weeee youngster that I had so much fun with my friends coming over and playing on the same TV via my Amiga 500 system. We used to play Lotus Esprit, Settlers 1 and many others. But with this new setup, you can play with others across the globe on your PC.

What's more, the pack which they provide, contains a massive amount of Amiga games which is downloaded free when your preference is selected. For example this pack is available with over 2000+  games (both single and multiplayer) , or cut-down versions with a limited number of Multiplayer only games (which will be added to with user feedback) , or English only games, along with packs including and excluding additional artwork which can be displayed by the FS-UAE Launcher.

The down side due to legal reasons is, none of these packs or the launcher contains actual Amiga system files, which you must obtain. Ahhh the joys of kick start roms! However once that's complete, you can join a specific gaming channel and relive those Amiga days online with a game of your choice.


Also to note, if you press F12 in game, you'll be shown a rather cool setup GUI

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