Super Mario Brawl - Beat Em Up

What do you get, if you mix the plumber platformer of Super Mario and the arcade beat em up of Beats of Rage? The answer to that is, Super Mario Brawl! This rather strange side scrolling mix was developed by SEEP and created using the OpenBOR engine, which is a good tool for beat em up games. Play as either Mario or Luigi in story mode or arcade mode, using special moves and power-ups and fight against well known enemies straight from the original Mario games.

This is no small game either with over 32 levels of play, through 8 different worlds and that's not all, the developers have even put in a Shoot em up, with both characters piloting specific vehicles. Anyone would think Mario retired from plumbing and did karate while training for his driving lessons! This is a rather large undertaking for such an uknown company, but they look to have pushed out a damn fun game. There is even more to this title, just check out the features below
-Platform-Merger and Beat Em Up for a fun game-play over the top.
-Sections Shoot-'Em' Up: Pilot your jet or your submarine for a lot of fun. -Play in HD thanks to the adaptation 16:9.
-3 options of play: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Koopa Arena.
-Use Mario and Luigi in Story Mode to unlock the 'Arcade Mode and Koopa Arena with new characters from the Super Mario series including Wario, Bowser and many others.
Power-Up and Special Moves for every character.
-Take control of Yoshi to destroy your enemies quickly.
-Venture into the Mushroom Kingdom through 8 different worlds for a total of 32 levels of play. Plus 4 exclusive Arcade Mode!
-cooperative mode for two players.

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