Ray's The Dead - Control your own zombie army in this kick ass story driven game! (Kickstarter)

Certain games just scream fun, even by a graphical cover page, and I'm glad I looked at this neat looking title. Ray's The Dead is all about the control of a Zombie army through Ray, but unlike other Zombie titles this one has a damn fine cartoonish art style with a slight sense of humor. Thanks to Ragtag Studio, they are developing Ray's The Dead with a blend of action, tactics, puzzles, stealth, adventure all with a lovely story driven experience. You play as the character Ray, who is a newly risen zombie and it's through Ray you control all the other zombies, who can sneak, smash, laugh and groan through a 1980's backdrop, a game that I seriously can't wait to get my hands on!


When a random bolt of lightning strikes Raymond La Morte’s grave he suddenly finds himself resurrected as a zombie.  A zombie with a few unique features, namely, he has a spark of intelligence and a giant light bulb protruding from his brain. He has awoken frightened and alone in a once familiar world that has become strange and frightening yet filled with wondrous new possibilities. The 1980s is coming to a close, it's been an era of big hair, big music, and cold war.  It’s been a decade in which anything could and did happen. Now here in an out of the way graveyard a new beginning emerges.
But too entice you even further, here's what the developer states about Ray and just what else this sweet Zombie ass game will contain : Along the way you’ll discover who Ray really is, how he ended up dead, and most curiously, what is this giant lightbulb contraption sticking out of his head!  You’ll make fantastic new friends as you build a diverse zombie army to crush your human opponents.  Ray’s the Dead will take you on an adventure unlike any you’ve seen before as you experience his fun and exciting tale! This is a zombie game with real brraaains and heart. 

Ray's the Dead features a single player, story based campaign, and will release on PC, Mac, and Linux at the end of 2013. However they do need your pledges via the kickstarter page, because if that doesn't happen, there will be no Zombie moanings for you!

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