TinyKeep - Action RPG set in procedurally generated dungeons, with a Kickstarter

Developed by Phi Dinh and featuring art work from Matthias Andre, comes a new Action RPG set in procedurally generated dungeons. This is TinyKeep, which is also a 3D dungeon crawler that both Windows and Mac users can enjoy. The game was originally inspired by classic roguelikes and RPGs such as Rogue, NetHack, Ultima IV, and boardgames like Hero Quest, but to live up to those games will take some doing!

STORY :  Your character is a prisoner, a seasoned fighter jailed many years ago and left to perish in the deepest, darkest cells of the keep. The nights pass by and all hope seems lost, you realise that the end is drawing near. But on one fateful day, you wake up and find yourself mysteriously free of your shackles, and in front of you lies a broken, unlocked door. There is only one thing left to do, you must now escape TinyKeep!
In TinyKeep it isn't all about the dungeons, as the developers are really focusing hard on intelligent monster AI, which some games seriously lack. What also sets this apart is how you can handle combat situations, for example, as the developers states : You are being chased by a horde of Skeletons, your health is low and they are coming at you thick and fast. You know that facing them head on means certain death, so you must quickly escape. As you flee, you recall that Orcs and Skeletons are rivals, so you lead your pursuers to the Orc den on the other side of the dungeon. When the two opposing forces clash, all hell breaks loose and you sneak away unscathed. The ensuing battle does all the hard work for you, and you return minutes later to the battlefield and recover the loot. 

The game contains many other interesting situations, which you can read about on the kickstarter page, but with the action, the procedurally generated dungeons, loot and the high IQ enemies, this could well deserve your pledge. They are currently at £6,139 pledged of a £22,162 goal and with 20days to go they need a little help, so it's down to you.


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