The Legend Of Amy Rose 1: The Adventure Begins - High Quality fan based Zelda quest

Prepare to be blown away by a truly great Zelda quest. This is called The Legend Of Amy Rose 1: The Adventure Begins, by the developer EddyTheOliveira. This is one of his biggest projects yet, with a lot of high quality work that's gone into it. You'll be excited to note that The Legend Of Amy Rose 1 has a large amount of dungeons, mini dungeons, a great story, 2 overworlds, 7 main characters, plenty of enemies and hours worth of JRPG/RPG gameplay goodness.

Sonic and his team where flying on their spaceship looking for distant lands and worlds far away from Mobius. They came across Hyrule in which they discover that Robotnik has managed to destroy this 'Evil' that has been conquering Hyrule for centries. With added power, Robotnik claims to take over both Hyrule and Mobius at the same time by getting the 'Light Force' or Triforce to add on even more to his new power. Amy gets aggrevated and claims she'll get the full Triforce before Robotnik does. Robotnik then makes a challenge for Amy which is to collect all 8 pieces of Triforce when her abilites and items are removed, in other words, she must start from scratch. She sets out on a long journey through Hyrule to collect the pieces of Triforce and save Hyrule from being overrun by Robotnik.

(Full, detailed and more humorous story in the intro of the quest)
TLOAR1 is a totally free quest game, in what they call Zelda Classic quests. These are custom "games" built with the Zelda Classic Quest Editor. These quests use Zelda Classic as their engine, but the core is the original Legend of Zelda. Through the ages Zelda Classic has grown to have a massive fan base with new quests all the time with new updates and features. At this point in time, Zelda Classic quests are so customizable, and have so many features, that it can be hard to tell that the core engine is the same as the Legend of Zelda.

When downloading quests, be sure that you have at least the version of Zelda Classic which is located here or here. Also make sure to check our previous huge article on other great custom Zelda quests
MAJOR NOTE: This quest uses some MP3s. To hear them, download them from the link and place them in the SAME PLACE as where the quest is and play it on there, then you can hear the MP3s. Download to MP3s here: http://www.2shared.c...P3_Files__.html

1) Download Game File
2) Download/install and or unpack Zelda Quest
2) Unpack Game file to Zelda Quest Directory
3) Run zlaunch-w
4) Select settings, title screen new 2.5, Skip Logo(YES) and Launch ZC ( Bottom Left )
5) At character selection screen, right mouse click, Game, Load Quest, Browse to Linked to the past file and load!

Quests must be loaded from character selection screen at startup, or it fails.


  1. Hey, Neil G, I was wondering if I could add you on Skype? If you're interested, I can give you a little sneak peak of the next big quest project I'm working on.


  2. Hey uh, I hope you got my message from my previous comment, just checking on this.

    1. I didn't get your contact through my email, could you try again please :)

  3. Oh, my bad. Well I'll just post it here since the whole process is hectic lol. My Skype is "EddyTheOliveira" (without the quotation marks). Feel free to add me anytime so I can show you some behind the scenes action.

  4. Yeah so, if you didn't get the thing, my skype is EddyTheOliveira, so you can add me on there for some behind the scenes action.

  5. Hey! It's me again, just to update you with a brand new quest of mind coming up in about 1-2 days. When it's completed, I'm wondering if you'd like to check it out.

    Furthermore, I would still like to have your skype so we can just chat about and I can show you how I've made all this if you're interested.

  6. Hey Eddy, nice to see you're still making great Zelda games. Sorry we didn't get in touch, I'm not much of a live talky person. If you could send us any info through our contact email, we'd love to add another Zelda title :)

  7. That's perfectly fine with me! I'll be sure to do that as soon as possible.

  8. So, just to check up. Have you received the email yet? :P

  9. Yes but as I said I don't use Skype I prefer to write :)

  10. Oh, oops. My bad, I should've read XD

  11. EddyTheOliveira13 March 2015 at 20:47

    Hey there, it's me again! Just wanted to inform you that a 3rd quest of this series is now in the making. I'm about 15% in, but yeah, just wanted to say that this series is definitely still alive and kicking!

    I'm hoping you could check it out when it gets completed in the far future, since this is probably my most ambitious quest project yet!

  12. I seriously can't wait! Let me know when it's ready to go up :)


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