Compilation Dune Duology - Dune & Dune II, two amazing Amiga classics now PC Playable!

Game Type : Adventure, RTS
Games in Compilation : Dune, Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis
Launcher Developer :  The
Game Info  : The has once again released another set of Amiga classics and this time it's none other than Dune & Dune II. Whereas Dune by Cyro is a 1992 Adventure/Strategy video game, based upon Frank Herbert's science fiction novel - Dune II: is based upon David Lynch's 1984 movie Dune and is an RTS released in 92-93Although in both games you are tasked to mine the spice from the desert planet Arrakis, in the first game it is far more Adventure based in the fact you talk to people, hire allies and defeat the Harkonnen. The second game has far more dominance in our minds as it was one of the greatest RTS games ever released and developed by a very famous company, Westwood. Dune II established the format that would be followed for years to come and laid the foundation for many great games such as the Command & Conquer series. Your task in the second game unlike the first is to deliver the most spice for Emperor Frederick IV and pay off his debts, but be warned as you are up against the Atreides, Harkonnen, and Ordos (depending on who you play). Build bases, harvest the most spice, defeat the enemy and claim the planet as your own, a planet full of spice!  Now thanks to The you can play these amazing Amiga classics on your PC.
Release : Available now FREE
Systems : PC


Dune II: The Battle For Arrakis

Although both games featured on the PC and via SEGA systems, it's well worth playing the Amiga versions as I felt they were the better releases, or I could just be blind with nostalgia. Also make sure to check out the many remakes released by fans across the world!


Don't forget that both Dune and Dune II both feature in a single exe, so by grabbing Dune you get the sequel as well!

This version (2.6) contains high quality filters for your PC and all you have to do is download, run the exe and press F12 in game for extra settings including those filters. The software is based on the original rom file and remastered through an emulator in a single exe.  You may get a Virus Warning through low quality virus checkers, it's a false positive!


  1. Yes!!! I remember these, thanks for sharing

  2. I remember these two games on my IBM PS/2 30 286 10 Mhz with the original Creative Labs' SoundBlaster ISA card. ;)


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