WinUAE 2.8.2 beta 2-3 - CD32 FMV "holiday special feature"

Good afternoon gamers it looks as if Toni Wilen is back with the big updates as once again he's released a new beta for the Amiga Emulator WinUAE 2.8.2, beta 2-3. Usually we try to feature every beta release but seeing as it was a quick step from beta 2 to 3 I thought it best to mention both betas as they do contain some pretty big features and fixes. One such feature is the CD32 FMV "Holiday Special Feature " and other features are "normal" that were queued during 2.8.0 and 2.8.1 but only available until now. I would recommend people updating to this build for the coolness of this release, however the previous final is still available here. Read on for the changelog.

Beta 2:

- Pointless CD32 Full Motion Video cartridge emulation! (Check notes below)
- CD32 FMV 40.22 ROM image rom scanner checksum fixed (was from byteswapped image). ROM rescan required.
- Added CD32 FMV option to Expansion panel.
- Added CD32 FMV to ROM scanner result dialog.
- GamePorts panel autofire always-option crashed.
- CD image emulation didn't support 2336 to 2352 sector size conversion.
- CD image emulation didn't return correct data if image had 2 data tracks back to back and tracks from second data track was requested. (Cannon Fodder CD32 FMV track)
- Debugger MOVES instruction's source and destination was swapped.
- Quickstart CD image selection text box become empty after image was selected (b1)
- RTG scale options didn't work on the fly. (2.8.0)

CD32 FMV notes:

- ROM requests won't be allowed and will be deleted. ("Find" it yourself or get AmigaForever or something)
- Only supports CL450 MPEG decoder commands that basic playback needs.
- VCD quality is not that good: MPEG-1 with 352x288 (PAL) or 352x240 (NTSC) resolution, MPEG-1 layer 2 audio.
- Requires at least null filter. (Automatically enabled)
- Requires 32-bit display mode, 16-bit will work in future. (Not automatically enabled)
- Tested with CD32 FMV 40.22 and 40.30 ROM versions.
- Tested only with Cannon Fodder CD32 video track and one VCD movie.
- Rewind or fast forward hangs the player software. (No idea why. No CL450 commands sent.)
- AV sync may not be that good.
- Sound buffer underflows will happen.
- CL450 video window size and position values ignored, video window is always centered and automatically 1x/2x/4x scaled.
- Video is 1:1 pixel mapped, aspect ratio is ignored.
- Before reporting anything: make sure your Cannon Fodder CD32 image is correct. It must have 2 data tracks, check .cue file using any text editor. Plain iso also can't work.
- Config must be based on Quickstart "CD32 with Full Motion Video cartridge". Do not load old CD32 config and tick CD32 FMV expansion option. If you do it, you are on your own.

- Only obvious bugs (very jittery video, nothing happens etc..) will be accepted. Everything else will be ignored until I get my own FMV cartridge. I won't pay for it. Exception is getting enough donations.

Beta 3:

- Selected chipset extra didn't match what dialog box shows (b2). This broke many configs..
- CD32 FMV 16-bit display mode support.
- A590/A2091, A3000, A4000T and A4091 SCSI was not initialized unless at least one device was connected (b1).
- Added Picasso IV flash rom v7.4 image to rom scanner. It does not need to be called picasso_iv_flash.rom anymore.
- Added Blizzard 1230-IV and 1240/1260 Boot ROMs to rom scanner. (Coming soon Blizzard 1230/40/60 unique memory layout and maprom emulation. It can be useful for developers and for testing without real board. This was supposed to be implemented in this beta but chipset extra bug required quick update)
- .bin extension added to ROM scanner.

( Use Beta 3 not 2, but listed for reference )

Available here
Bug/Info thread here

If you wish to test this version out, remember to make it a portable edition by creating a new blank WinUAE.ini file.

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