Deuteros Remakes - Top quality space strategy revival

When people say to me what game do you remember the most, I'm usually quick to respond with Deuteros on the Amiga 500. It was a game like no other, a sci-fi space strategy game in which you mined for resources on the planet and from asteroids, researched new technology, and built ships to colonize the stars. Yet what made this Ian Bird game so brilliant was not only was it a sequel to the previous hit Millennium 2.2, it had a unique space design style that I feel no game has matched. Yet through all these years and talks of a remake, it wasn't until this year that two fans (Gambit/bfernhout) set about reintroducing the game into the PC crowd.

Gambit's new option screen

Now between the two it's very difficult to say which is the better version as each one has more or less fixed than the other. However both versions do have one major similarity, they are not really playable, think of them as very early pre-alphas, it looks nice, you can see the potential but don't even think about getting beyond Earth.

Although I do like Gambit's new option screen with a full screen option and of cause save and load.

But don't let that discourage you! As both of these developers are really pushing out some excellent builds, you can clearly see how far each version has come from the first release to now. The way they are going we should have a full release by the end of this year. So without further ado, lets check out the latest patch notes.


- Adding and Supply pod from shuttle and bay but images are not correct displayed
- Adding and Gryo pod from shuttle and bay but images are not correct displayed
- Adding and subtracting Tool pod from shuttle and bay
And then i got a good pointer that i did make a mistake from Neil. The production is research follow. That means what the research is inventing is the first runner up in the list of production. ( Look at the startup screen your name is in it)
So the production is rearranged a lot of pointer repointing and markers setting on a different point. I hope i have it al.
- Resolving crash when Toolpod has to go up. Image pointer wrong resolved
- Resolved (I think) production new pointing list made, look like its works.
- Updated the cheat.
    Last minute correction. Program crash when go to production , if the cheat was used.
- Cause of updating cheat graphics memory garbled up. Resolve the problem bij adding new function
That's it for this time. Download it an di wil hear the problems. I think there are some. But during my testing i did not found them.
(Total function written this time: 167)
(Total Line with real code 12,453)
Its a lot. And still not at 50% of the game.

Available to download HERE


I finally finished importing all the GFX!
The placement of all the text and GFX are updated and I basically am at the point that I was a month back and can start continuing the development of the game.
I did notice that after a month of not programming that I did not remember where everything was and why I did certain things. It showed me the importance of good documentation. I was able to fill in the blank spots and update the documents so I'm very happy about that.
I put a new release in the download section with the following updates:
All GFX and text are now in the game and all the locations on screen have been updated.
The options screen has been updated.
The ESC key no longer exits the game but opens the options screen.
The Deuteros logo screen has been updated with a remake logo.

Available to download HERE

So let us know what you think, which version do you prefer? Do you remember Deuteros?

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