NESJAM - Lots of great games in a NES flavour

Of all the game jams we enjoy writing about are the retro jams, whereby many developers from around the world come together to make a game in the theme of the jam. Previously for example it was the SpeccyJam 2 in which many fantastic games were developed in that ZX Spectrum style. Today though it's time for the finalized NESJAM and the rules did state that you must make a game using some of the basic limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Thankfully many developers stood up to the challenge and gave us 23 fantastic games to play all in that NES graphical pallet!

Arcade games, platformers, shooters, puzzle games pretty much every genre you can think of is in the game list. Each one packed with fun and style that almost take us back to the days of the NES! But as for which one is the best, it's hard to say... But I really did enjoy playing "Castle Mania"; A short but enjoyable NES flavoured tribute to Castlevania.

Check out the free game list on this website!


  1. Hey. One of the guys who worked on CastleMania here. Thanks for the mention! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Gypopothomas, nice work! :)


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