From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years film teaser

So what do you do when you've done a successful kickstarter for a film, shot so much footage that cutting it down to a 5 hour long film was hard enough and there also just so happens to be a massive re-surgence in amiga nostalgia and hype around the 30th anniversary of the Amiga? Make a separate movie just about the Amiga of course in 'From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years'.

At the moment this is just a teaser on youtube which certainly pushes all the right buttons for Amiga fans, with pretty much universal reaction from them (us) being essentially "ZOMG I NEED TO HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE", and the main bedrooms to billions site has no further details with a release window of just 2016 in the video. But as the Caulfields have stated in interviews that the amount of footage collected for the main BtoB movie was nigh on impossible to cut down to a mere 2 hour movie.  It was only made easier once they were able to internally frame the key story they were trying to tell. It would seem only natural that there would be still a plethora of stories left to tell that simply don't fit the narrative of the main BtoB movie, and lo, it makes absolute sense to spin off the remaining material into separate films for the key platforms involved.

On the one hand I'm glad that the painstakingly collected footage will get an airing and not simply be destined to live in the Caulfields digital morguefile or cutting room floor, but the cynical view is that vast majority of the unseen footage is the direct result of the Kickstarter fundraiser for the main film and this is just a cash grab for stuff that would just be otherwise filling up hard disks.

At any rate it remains to be seen what the pricing of the new film will be and if it follows the current pricing of £30 for the full set of extended digital downloads and extras, with a smaller subset for £10 or if they will treat this almost as a DLC add on and price it accordingly.

What do you think? Is this second film justified, or are they just milking the udders of the Amiga cash cow, playing on the increased demand for Amiga related stuff recently (with the computers themselves changing hands for approx. 10x what they were 12-18 months ago)

I'll most likely be buying a copy on release as they have always come across as very passionate about their subject matter and will treat the Amiga's position in gaming history with respect.

direct youtube link
From Bedrooms to Billions website


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  1. I'm reliably informed by Paul Kitching (the guy who's doing/done all the 3D scene rendering for the film) that Viva Amiga is still on track. And yes they are considering this film direct competition ;)


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