Inherit the Earth - Top quality adventure is now available for the Amiga CD32

Earok is still pushing out those brilliant Amiga to Amiga CD32 titles and today we have the top quality adventure game 'Inherit the Earth' by The Dreamers Guild / The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. In this fine point and click adventure, guide Rif the fox to find the stolen orb and clear his name before he is labelled a thief for the rest of his life

Find clues to locate the real thief, solve challenges along the way and talk to characters in this deep and involving story full of charm and wonder. Will you clear your name and rescue your beloved in this classic point-and-click fantasy adventure game?

According to Earok this charming adventure featuring furries anthropomorphic animals was already released for the Amiga in German but (to the best of his knowledge) the unreleased English version has never been on the Internet - until now.
  • Signed with a trademark file so it will boot on a stock CD32.
  • The "Bonus" folder from the German release is included, which includes: mod files, animations, CDXL videos, AGA and ECS demo versions of the German release.
  • Manual PDF is also included in the Bonus folder (sourced from:
  • The startup-sequence is the same except for the addition of a doublespeed command
Available to download from HERE. Please see the rest of the information on the site regarding the game and especially re: Saving.

If you want to play the PC version, it is also available on GOG!

UPDATE : Due to a number of requests from Amiga 1200 owners and great advice from Phantomz, here's how to get this game working on your Amiga 600/1200 hard drive.

Copy the files from the CD to a folder on your Amiga Hard Drive, name the folder " INHERIT_THE_EARTH " the same name as the CD. Then run the Setup program to make a Directory for the save games, then just run the AGA or ECS exe to play the game.

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