Lemma - An immersive first-person parkour game due for release May 12th

Put aside Dead Island, stop playing Mirrors Edge and take some motion sickness pills as Evan Todd has announced that Lemma; an immersive first-person parkour game is due for release on Steam May 12th. Five years in the making and unlike any first person parkour game you've played, Lemma features the ability to create structures through parkour moves. Surfaces pop in and out of existence at will and you can modify the environment in Lemma through several different systems that work together.

Set in a surreal, physics voxel world through a single player storyline that unfolds through text messages on an in-game mobile phone. Lemma features a unique design for parkour fans across the globe, as platforms can be extended, walls smashed through, new ones built and any thing else your crazy mind can create all through parkour moves.

The game features native Oculus Rift support, challenge levels, a built-in level editor, and Steam Workshop integration. It will be available for $15 on Windows through Steam, Humble, and itch.io.

Steam Page

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