CPCtelera 1.2 - Amstrad CPC game engine reaches new heights

We've talked about the games, we've even mentioned the hardware, but now it's time to officially announce the latest Amstrad game engine release of 'CPCtelera 1.2'. A multi-platform framework for developing games and multimedia software for the Amstrad CPC, which runs on Linux, OSX and PC, has now reached a big final build and has been released today. With over 2 months of work with lots of improvements and new functions, this is regarded as the best software for developing games on that classic gaming system.

According to the developer Ronaldo and team this release comes with some very useful new features. In particular, Easytilemaps managing module will be particularly useful in combination with authoring tools (RGAS, Img2CPC) and tileset conversion utility cpct_img2tileset. However, the release includes much more than this. Which is all available to view as a rather large changelog, on the cpcwiki forums.


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