Treasure Island Dizzy - Gets a Sam Coupe WIP version and it's impressive!

From when I was a youngster I have always been a Dizzy fan, I loved everything about the games with every single adventure that little egg has been in. I spent so many hours playing them that it was just so much fun collecting items, talking to the Yolkfolk Villagers, solving puzzles and trying not to die. About the only disappointment I had this year was with The Oliver Twins and Yolkfolk (Fan based Dizzy games) who I have supported for all these years, who didn't even give us a mention for the first newly announced Wonderland Dizzy article ( yes I nearly gave up on Dizzy, I felt so strongly! ). But what brought me back into it apart from other Dizzy gamers, was Adrian Brown's newly announced ' Treasure Island Dizzy ' for the Sam Coupe

A version of Dizzy that was announced but never saw the light of day is now being reverse engineered from the Amiga version to extract all the graphics and maps into the Sam Coupe. If anything from what I have seen of the videos so far, the game is actually looking even more impressive than even the Amiga version, especially when I mentioned as such regarding the blue border and the developer responded " Yer and it wasnt full screen. (Oh and often the water overwrote the border).

Currently we don't have a release date, but rest assured if it looks and plays as good as it does now, it's going to be one amazing release for the Sam Coupe.

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