AGGELOS - Colourful retro inspired platformer gets a Steam Greenlight campaign

I may not have played every Sega Mega Drive game when I was growing up, but that console had some truly amazing platformers such as Wonderboy in MonsterLand. They were highly addictive, had nice sound effects, chippy tunes, lots of levels and plenty of beasts to fight. So it stands to reason why we are now mentioning the Steam Greenlight campaign for a retro inspired ActionRPG platformer called ' AGGELOS ', that is very much like those great games!

Developed by Wonderboy Bobi, Storybird Games, you play as a sword wielding character that must fight, earn experience, and acquire two essences to beat Lord Vammer and find the princess. You'll explore a great world full of many different enemies and mighty bosses, while also using items, casting spells and avoiding deadly traps. As such AGGELOS is worthy of a Steam Greenlight thumbs up as it looks wickedly retro and sounds great too!

Links : 1) Demo Source 2) Steam Greenlight 3) Wonderboy Bobi 4) Storybird Games

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