Eye of the Beholder AGA - MAC/PC playable Amiga dungeon crawler classic with Automap!

Only just recently I found a new site that enabled people to play retro games without all the hassle of setting anything up, it was just a download and run experience. But because many of their games are DOS based and being sold, we cannot mention any of their PC games. However that doesn't mean we can't mention Amiga games and it's today's special treat which may appeal to our avid dungeon crawler fans that was originally from the Amiga. The game we are going to shout about is in fact Eye of the Beholder, the Amiga AGA version which was written by Bertrand/CFou to support AGA (256 colors) GFX with automapping. - For the PC version you can buy it on GOG as well as Eye of the Beholder 2 and 3!

In my opinion the EOTB series 1 and 2 was one of the greatest rpg's ever made, and it was also developed by one of the greatest developers : Westwood Associates later known as Westwood Studios. Released in 1991/92 it came some time after Dungeon Master but it gave us better graphics, better sounds, easier to control interface(spells) and characters you come across that push the story along. It is the type of game that would appeal to a 10 year old as much as an 80 year old, because even now in my late 30's I'm still coming back to it, still crawling the dungeons, slashing at deadly enemies and still trying to find that hidden passage.

And it's those hidden passages which are a so much easier to find thanks to these AGA editions with automapping, something the originals all those years ago didn't have. The only reason I'm not playing the Amiga edition now and only the PC version which has the ASE Automapping software, is because I want to use the same party from Eye of the Beholder 1 all the way to EOB 3, which never appeared on the Amiga. Still though, for those of you who want to play this game as a simple download, run the bat file and play, then this is the version to use. - ( Launcher by Gamesnostalgia, Installer by WHDLoad, FS-UAE for the emulation ).

But if you prefer to use our other more involved guides, you can use the FS-UAE install available HERE, the Amiga Forever guide HERE or the original fully playable NON AGA Amiga edition to PC HERE.

And to end on that note, head on over to Gamesnostalgia and download the Eye of the Beholder AGA (Amiga) edition to your PC and hope he also packages Eye of the Beholder 2 AGA, which if he does will be added to this article.

UPDATE : Gamesnostalgia has now added a MAC version and it's a full Mac OS app, with icon including the emulator (Fs-UAE) and the game, all fully compiled!

- Please note we will NOT be mentioning any of the commercial DOS games, only the Amiga ones -

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