Amiga forum user offers £400 for Stunt Car Racer at 50/60 frames per second!

In the late 80's, Geoff Crammond with publishing rights by MicroStyle/MicroPlay released the incredible game of ' Stunt Car Racer ' for a multitude of platforms including the Amiga. It involved you the player racing around a 3D track in a first person view using a vehicle which had boost capabilities. It was also one of the greatest racing games ever released and what made it so great was the fact that all of the tracks were like rollercoasters, with such dangerous driving and incredible heights involved it would've killed anyone if it was real life. But this month as a bit of a shock, a member by the name of Twinbee has set out a challenge with a high £400 payment to anyone that can tweak the original code to run at 50/60fps!

Either its blind nostalgia or something else but I've never had a problem with the frame rate in the game, but according to Twinbee, even though it was one of his most favourite games of all time he was dying to see a smoother frame-rate. In fact according to him, part of the reason he even bought a 68060 at the time was the hope that SCR would break the ~15fps frame rate it was fixed to. That hope didn't bear fruit unfortunately, thus with your help, he's hoping to play the game at a full 50-60fps, to make the game as smooth as it could possibly be.

Developers Points :
  • It has to be SMOOTHER (50/60fps) keeping the original game speed. To simply speed the game up (though affecting the FPS) is trivial to do, and not what I want.
  • It also must be stable and not crash, so I can complete the game.
  • No bugs. Well, if I see some errors, I'll play it by ear according to how serious these errors are.
  • It must almost certainly be a tweak of the original code, not a complete rewrite. It must run through an Amiga emulator.
  • The physics MUST be faithful to the original. I'll know if they aren't! No 'tweening' of graphical frames to fake the smoothness.
  • If you want to add other goodies too (such as increased resolution, integration of the TNT tracks, or a level above the Super League for even beefier cars) then feel free, but make them optional if you do.
  • You must use Paypal for me to pay (I'm not sure how easy bank transfers are across countries since I live in the UK).
For further developments and discussion I'd highly recommend following the EAB forums, but don't expect a release any time soon.

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