Beyond Hyrule - Love Zelda? You really should play this!

In 2001(?) Challenge Games released what many would class as the best Zelda hack available for that mind blowingly enjoyable RPG on the NES, ' Zelda ' . It was called ' Zelda Challenge: Outlands ' and basically gave you the player a completely different experience of the original hit game, by changing not just the overworld map and the location you start, but the locations of secrets, such as dungeon entrances, shops, and residents with clues changed as well. You could almost class it as a completely new game! But today's heads up, is the PC update of the remake of that well known hack, as ' Beyond Hyrule ' ,by FlameCursed , Logos.

Featuring gorgeous retro styled artwork, to that of the SNES and an enhanced soundtrack for some areas, Beyond Hyrule is a remake of the infamous "Outlands" Zelda hack. The quest eventually became a game of its own, though, featuring a completely revamped overworld, dungeons, graphics, items, menus, secrets, items, music, and scripts! If you loved Zelda, then you owe it to yourself to play this PC remake!

Links : 1) Source ( ZC Version: 2.50 is required )

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