Popeye - Gabriele Amore's latest ZX Spectrum game is an Arcade conversion!

This month has been non stop for retro gaming ports, such as the Ultimate Play the Game line ups appearing on the Atari, and more especially with the C64 with Pentagram. But if those sorts of games were not your cup of tea, then I think you will really like this one. As today saw the release of the Arcade to ZX Spectrum conversion of 'Popeye' by Gabriele Amore with music by Alessandro Grussu, which originally was a Nintendo Arcade platformer released way back in 1983.

In a similar vein to Donkey Kong albeit not as good, you play as Popeye and must collect hearts, that the lady character Olive drops from the top of the screen to complete the level. But be warned, just like the cartoon, Brutus will get in your way with the help of the bad Sea Hag, who throws bottles, that can only be dealt with by a handy tin of Spinach!

I haven't played this game all day, but from what I have played I was pleasantly surprised by how much effort was put into the conversion by Gabriele. It is a lovely game to play, as you jump over bottles, grab hearts, and try to get hold of the Spinach to give both enemies a mighty powerful punch. As of yet I haven't been able to complete the level as I just wasn't good enough to get all the hearts and ended up either falling into the water or being told off by Olive. The only downside to the game, is it can be a little difficult, and your character doesn't always connect well with the upper platform when using the stairs.

With a lovely sound track by Alessandro Grussu, good conversion with nice colourful detail and character charm by Gabriele Amore, this is well worth a download for all ZX Spectrum owners!

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