Blossom Tales - Zelda meets Princess Bride and it's coming to Steam this fall!

Welcome to ' Blossom Tales The Sleeping King ' developed by Castle Pixel and publishing rights by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG. A charming and colourful action adventure RPG, that mixes it up with Zelda and Princess Pride that was also a Steam Greenlight success. It features a well crafted world to explore with all the secrets and mysteries you'd expect coupled with a fast paced action oriented combat system. As such if you read our previous high score preview, this is a game you should really look out for as it's been announced it's coming to Steam this fall on PC!

Involve yourself in a grand story told by the storyteller, explore the tale of Lily, as she becomes one of the esteemed knights of the rose, find the remedy and cure the King from an ever lasting sleep cast by the evil wizard Crocus. Explore hand crafted dungeons, battle enemies, and get lost in a beautiful and vibrant world with challenging quests and memorable characters. Above all transport yourself back to the glorious days when pixelated visuals and chiptune music captivated us for hours on end.

Main Features :

An Unforgettable World -- Fierce snow beasts, creepy undead monsters, and cackling witches are a few of the many remarkable characters and menacing foes you'll meet as you explore abandoned grottos, enchanted forests, and dragon-infested caverns.

An Unpredictable Story -- Although the tale is being told by Grandpa, you can expect his lively granddaughter to occasionally chime in and affect the game. For instance, a quiet trip through a cemetery can quickly change if little Lily decides that an army of undead should rise and attack!

Classic ARPG Gameplay -- Zelda being the most obvious inspiration, Blossom Tales offers a fun, familiar experience via an arsenal of unique spells and weapons, dungeons with combat and puzzle challenges, and a rich interconnected world.

A One-of-a-Kind Adventure -- Blossom Tales will do more than fill you with nostalgia as you enjoy a fresh mix of fun gameplay elements. For example, the handy target-lock system will prove useful to adventurers as they explore dungeons with both randomly-generatad areas and pre-designed layouts, resulting in an adventures that feels unlike any other.

Easy To Learn, Fun To Master -- Accessible enough for any gamer while also providing enough depth for those seeking a challenge. Whether you grew up with the classics or this is your first ARPG, you’ll be captivated by the engaging gameplay, charming characters, and hard-won rewards.

Coming to PC this fall on Steam

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