Ubisoft RPG Classic Iron Lord Gets Patched By T.A.C

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You've all played Moonstone right? (who the hell hasn't?). You all know how awesome that game was, well Iron Lord on the C64 by Ubisoft which has recently been patched by TAC to iron out some of the original bugs, is like a mini version of Moonstone, complete with adventure, exploration, fighting, and archery! The archery competition is no doubt the best part of the game, it's slightly repetitive but still lots of fun, it almost reminded me of Hypersports, trying to pick the right timing and angles to hit the board.

Let's Ave A Look At What You Woulda Won
On occasion, an unknown knight would take exception to me just because I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first I was kicking his iron butt all over the place, but then all of a sudden I found myself struggling to block and hit. It all seemed a bit hit and miss (again, excuse the pun), which is a shame because it was verging on frustrating rather than adding to the game in any fun way, if this had gotten a tiny little bit more attention, Iron Lord would no doubt have made legendary Moonstone status.

You shall not best me Sir Knight... OK, yes you will
After managing to best the knight I headed west on my trusty steed to the town of Lorando, they have an inn and a merchant. The merchant had a suit of armour for sale, but sadly it was out of my price range. After sampling some mead *hic* I headed north to the town of Torantek.

I love how you can travel about the map as you see fit, giving you the sense of freedom and not being tied down to a certain path, and this is in 1989, modern games take note! You even have your own keep, it's in ruins at the start of the game but I presume in time you can restore it to it's former glory.

Your Own Keep
The save/load features which seemed to be a common problem before in it's original release, worked for me in this version, but the game crashed when I ventured to Lorando village once. I think T.A.C(Teamwork and Cooperation) still need to do a little more patching up, and I really hope they do!

In summary, Iron Lord is a mini Moonstone/Hypersports hybrid that just needs a few small tweaks to make it completely awesome. If you have not played the original, I strongly urge you to grab the game from the link down below and give it a go!

Links: 1) CSDb 2) Download ( Make sure that drive type 1581 is set in WinVice for Emulation)

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