Giana Sisters Special Edition - Giana Sisters overhauled on the Amiga by Reimagine Games [UPDATE]

Over these past months we've been giving you the heads up for the unofficial platformer overhaul of ' The Great Giana Sisters ', which is now known as ' Giana Sisters Special Edition '. Well you'll be pleased to know that after all our write ups about this Mario style game ;) the remastered version has finally been released! This latest Giana Special Edition takes the original and rare Amiga game from 1987 and puts it through a modern DS blender, with new graphics, op quality sound effects and much more to drool over!

In fact the Giana Sisters Special Edition has new gfx which are either completely new designs or remastered originals, while Giana and some enemies are directly inspired from the 2009 DS version. But that's not all, as it features 200 new tiles and frames of animation, new palettes for each level, cosmetic level edits, a revised scrolling title screen, new logo, new power up designs, new boss designs, splash screen and icon, replacements for many of the original sound effects and a new intro ported from the DS version which is designed to playback on any Amiga with at least 1MB RAM (AGA Preferred).

So who do we have to thank for this wicked release for every Amiga owner or emulator user across the globe? ' Reimagine Games ' of course! Which is their very first release from a brand new label, that is focused on non commercial ports, hacks and remakes.

Exclusive Gameplay

So basically expect even more overhauls and remakes into this year and perhaps beyond. - So head on over to the page below and make sure to check out the credits, guides, specs and download links!

General info

Project name: Giana Sisters S.E.
Label: Reimagine
Project status: Released! (v1.0)
Release status: Available for free!
Target platforms: All 68k Amigas
Downloads : ADF/HDF/ISO

Links : 1) Main Website


Are you struggling with the Giana Sisters Special Edition and need that little extra hand? Well have we got great news for you. As Flashtro has since released their +4 trainer, with cheats such as Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Time and In-Game Keys. It certainly wouldn't be a homebrew Amiga game without the best flash tros, crack tro's and trainers that's for sure :)

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