Heroes Rescue - Indie Retro News gives this new Amstrad CPC game an exclusive preview!

Over these past few months we've been featuring Defecto Digital's upcoming homebrew platformer ' Heroes Rescue ' for the Amstrad CPC. It was by the same developer who also released ELF, an adventure game based on the arcade version released by Ocean Software in 1992. Developed using AGD, in Heroes Rescue you play as the lovable character FRY from Futurama and must rescue all the famous heroes from well known Cartoons such as Marvel, The Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Turtles and yes even Futurama.

But as is always the case in cartoons, movies and games, this rescue mission wont be easy as Bebop and Rocksteady, pets and even flying beasties, are in your way and will try their up most to stop you from achieving your goal. So all you have to do is jump from each platform, grab the diamonds along the way for a better score, avoid the baddies and rescue the heroes in the top corner of the screen for a mission success.

So now that's out of the way, let's take a look at the game and how well does it play. To be honest the improvement from its original showing has certainly come a long way graphically. I really like that the developer has put just enough effort into the platforms, UI and character sprites to make this game nice to look at on both a real Amstrad and through emulation. It's just a shame I didn't come across any music on the main screen or in game and the low in game sound made me think my volume was turned off. So graphically it's a positive, sound and music less so.

Another positive was when using a Joystick on an Amstrad CPC, the controls were smooth throughout, every timed jump and every move was spot on to how I wanted it to be. There was no delay between pressing that fire button and Fry jumping over a nasty foe. But again what is a positive comes down to a small downer, as this game is very frustrating!

The problem is the hit detection is way to sensitive to just the slightest touch and when you do touch an enemy while you wait on the smallest of ledges near the exit for example, it's a lives lost and you've got to do it all again. Sure I like difficulty and I like a challenge, it is an Amstrad game after all, but the lives are too low, there's only 3 available. So if the developer puts in more lives or adds a health bar, I think this game would be just perfect!

Overall Heroes Rescue is a nice game but it does have its flaws, it's far from perfect, especially with the lack of music, low sound and not enough lives in the game. So I'm hoping music is at least added to the disk version in the future and more especially the added lives.

Thanks to Defecto Digital for a chance to play Heroes Rescue, a game on the Amstrad CPC that is due to come out tomorrow Saturday 13th August!

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