Magica - A rather lovely Amstrad game by Reidrac gets teased

Reidrac ( Juan J Martinez ) who is one of our favourite homebrew developers on an 8bit system has appeared in our news feeds again with his new game Magica, which is in development for the Amstrad CPC. This game from the teased description is going to be a multi level single screen arcade game, with similar stun and hit mechanics to that of other great games such as Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, while also having the developers own unique blend of great graphics and fun for all gameplay.

So far the game is still in an early stage of development but the developer has said he has spent most of the time working on the game engine, with the idea behind the story relating to a sorceress that has to recover all the potions stolen from her laboratory by creatures sent from different worlds. These potions will be across many different dungeons and can only be recovered by stunning and bashing enemies back into their own world in a style to that other classic games. Also as an added interest apart from the different level lay outs, each enemy has different properties which you must take into account when you're fighting them.

It all sounds like a ton of fun to play and from what we've seen from the teased video above so far it looks graphically appealing as well. But for further information you can of course follow the forum thread and hope the game comes out in November, that's if it is a CPC Retro Dev 2016 entry.

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