Zombo's Christmas Capers! - A new festive ZX Spectrum game reviewed by Florinthedwarf

Santa isn't looking himself these days

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiimee...of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with a zombie and some evil sprouts? (Though, all sprouts are evil!) Poor Santa. Every year he's the busiest person in the world, for one day a least, so it's only natural/inevitable that he gets a bit stressed at this time of year. Taking this into account, the government have decided to give him the year (day?) off to help take away any stress that Mr C. may incur as a result of yet another consecutive year on the sleigh. Poor thing.

Ooh! Sounds interesting!

So, who do they put in charge? The head elf? Mrs. Clause? Satan? (Controversial, but he'd get the job done) No, they've called on Zombo to step into Santa's shoes. Good girls and boys must be few and far between this year though, as only a total of six presents are to be collected before you can finish your quest.  

Hey you in the shed! Shouldn't you be...well, getting run over by an ambulance?

Collecting six presents you may think, would be an easy task. Only six? Well, it's not so easy when you're being chased by giant sprouts, yellow snowmen (yes, yellow) and killer Christmas trees. It may all look festive and snowy but these guys are on a mission to stop you completing your quest. Though, if you're lucky enough, you may stumble across a Shootybang 2000™ which comes in handy in getting rid of some of the pesky little monsters!

ARRGHH! Sprout!! No one likes sprouts! Especially killer ones!

Zombo's Christmas Capers is a great looking game. Bright, colourful with some nice animation. I particularly like the heavy breathing Zombo adopts. Full of zombie evilness, no doubt and it's trying to escape. A simple game but full of little original nasties - it's the first game I've played where I've been attacked by a yellow snowman and a giant sprout, which can only be a good thing. Enough little tasks to keep you going and entertained, coupled with some original monsters a guest appearance from a certain skier, and a quite unique leading man (zombie), this is one to get downloaded and get into the spirit of Christmas with. You can't beat a Zombie Christmas.

Now, as Noddy Holder would say when his royalty cheque comes in at this time of year.... It's Chrissssssssstmassssss! So treat yourself give Zombo a bash today.

Zombies Christmas Capers is available to download for free (here) - review by @florinthedwarf

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