Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Special Edition now with four player support!

We have decided to save the best to last, and wow have we got an ass kicking game for you to play today! Prepare yourselves for one of the coolest OpenBOR engine developed beat em' ups ever to grace your screens; it's 'Power Rangers: Beats of Power Special Edition ' created by Mersox . A game that right from the word go, will have you morphin with delight

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aka Power Rangers: Beats of Power Special Edition is a FREE fan-made beat-em-up videogame for PC. It combines aspects of classic Power Rangers video games for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, as well as adding original elements. Although you can read the full developers description ( here ), this latest special edition features 4 player support, an additional Zord level, Goldar voiceover by Christopher Dean, longer cutscenes, an easy mode and much more to make this game a worthy download indeed!

Links : 1) Source 2) Description

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